Despotene ønsker Bush velkommen

Glitrende levert av Terry Jones!

A splendid achievement

By Terry Jones

George Bush should be congratulated - he has surely earned the right to join the ranks of despots

Dear President Bush,

I write to you in my capacity as secretary of the World League of Despots.

It is with great pleasure that I am finally able to extend an official invitation to you to join our ranks. For many years, we have watched your efforts to fulfil the requirements necessary to join our number. From the start, we were greatly impressed by your disdain for democratic principles - the way you wrested power from the democratically elected candidate in the 2000 election, and again in 2005 when you managed to swing what was clearly going to be a victory for your opponent.

Contempt for human life has always been a priority requirement for membership of the league, and I and my fellow adjudicators were well aware of your record as governor of Texas when you quadrupled the number of state executions. But your record since seizing power has surpassed even our expectations. The thousands of innocent people in Iraq, who have died so that you could fulfil your declared political objective of establishing "an American force presence in the Middle East", attest to your eligibility to join our ranks.

I cannot, however, disguise the fact that we adjudicators were extremely anxious when you announced your intention to remove from office one of our most stalwart members, Mr Saddam Hussein. However, we need not have worried. According to a recent UN report, you have ensured that there are now even more human rights abuses in Iraq than there were under Saddam. No less than 10% of those in custody are being physically or psychologically abused. Well done!

Of course, your unstinting efforts to make torture an internationally accepted aspect of human life have surpassed everything we could have ever hoped for. I don't think there is a single member of the league who could have imagined, six short years ago, that our activities in tormenting our fellow creatures would once again be recognised as acceptable, civilised behaviour, as it once was in the middle ages.

Despite these achievements, we had, until now, felt unable to extend our invitation to you because you had been unable to fulfil one of our basic requirements: the ability to carry out arbitrary arrests, imprisonment without trial, secret torture and executions at will.

We approved of your attempts to establish the principles of arbitrary arrest under the Homeland Security Act of 2002, but unfortunately it was still restricted to terror suspects. We appreciate that you were hampered by the US constitution, but the restrictions this imposed on your arbitrary powers kept you below the threshold requirements for qualification as a despot.

Now, however, all that has changed. At the end of last month you persuaded the Senate to pass a bill regarding the treatment of detainees. Illegally obtained evidence can now be used against suspects, even if it has been gathered abroad under torture. Anyone you care to accuse can be thrown into prison without the right to a trial or the right to represent themselves.

Officially the legislation is restricted to "enemy combatants", but you have skilfully adapted this definition to include anyone who has "purposefully and materially supported hostilities against the US". This presumably means that anyone who publicly criticises your conduct can be defined as supporting hostilities to the US. You are now free to arrest and imprison anyone you don't like. You've got it in the bag!

It is with great pleasure that we in the World League of Despots note that you have now appropriated to yourself all the powers of arbitrary arrest and torture that Saddam once enjoyed. You are now one of us. Congratulations!

Terry Jones is a film director, actor and Python

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Postet av: Brom

Takk! Den der var intet mindre enn genial. :-)

11.10.2006 @ 17:57
Postet av: Abdul Qadeer Khan

Takk! Den der var intet mindre enn genialHvorfra er finansieringen kommet?Svar: I vidt omfang gennem eksport af missiler til Libyen, Iran og Irak. I tilfældet Pakistan, synes der mest at være tale om byttehandler. Kim har i bytte for Nodong-missiler fået nuklear teknologi af AQ Khan, den nu vanærede edderkop i kernevåben-spredningens net, som også har uddannet mindst 20 nordkoreanske forskere i sit laboratorium. Pakistans præsident, Pervez Musharraf, har senest erkendt, at Khan til Nordkorea "imod den pakistanske regerings vidende" lod overføre næsten mindst 25 P1-centrifuger og et mindre antal af de mere avancerede P11-centrifuger - hvorved de fik mulighed for at berige uran til våbenbrug. Mange i Pyongyang er stolte over kernevåbenforsøget, men i land-distrikterne jubler folket hovedsagelig fordi, de har fået besked på det. De har intet valg. Songun er som en helligdom."Kammerater! Chokolade kan vi leve uden, men ikke kugler og bomber," sagde forsvarsministeren Kim Il-chol i forrige uge.Sandheden er, at forsvarsomkost-ningerne har reduceret landet til et fallitbo.

Postet av: Shah Nawaz Husain, Canada

Dag, the Arab world does not want democracy that has been a murderous, imperialistic monopoly since its time. Dictatorships have formed because of it to ward off the imperialism that invades their homeland. Europe has become another America and the Berlin Wall fell to allow communism to grow. Democracy will fail because it is centered upon Christianity. When Christians begin to vote for another lord and saviour you can be assured democracy will win. But in my belief and the Arab world a religious state is the preferred way, and not voting for another religious icon.Allah akbar

Postet av: The Sabeans

The Sabeans are monotheistic, practice baptism and are mentioned in the Muslim Koran – along with Christians and Jews – as a “people of the book”.THREE car bombs exploded in Baghdad today, killing at least four civilians, while the leader of a religious minority was shot dead in front of his home, security and medical sources said.The latest violence came after two days in which Baghdad police had found the corpses of total of 110 murder victims scattered across the Iraqi capital, which is in the grip of a vicious turf war between Sunni and Shiite factions.

Postet av: Vesten bør lære af Indiens islamisering nyere tid blev ca. en halv million af de hinduer, der i 1947 boede i Pakistan, dræbt og de resterende ca. 7 millioner sendt på flugt til Indien, da Indien og Pakistan blev erklæret selstændige nationer.I den nuværende konflikt i Kashmir-provinsen i Indien er en kvart million hinduer siden 1990 blevet tvunget bort fra Kashmir, den eneste indiske delstat med muslimsk flertal. Den etniske udrensning af hinduer fra Kashmir er foregået i henhold til islamisternes strategi med at »dræbe 1 og fordrive 100«. I 1971, hvor Bangladesh blev et uafhængigt land, har menneskerettighedsorganisationer dokumenteret, at den pakistanske hær dræbte 2,4 millioner hinduer, der på daværende tidspunkt var bosat i Bangladesh. Endnu en gang blev mange hinduer tvunget til at flygte til Indien.Den franske forfatter François Gautier har udtalt, at den massakre, som muslimerne begik i Indien, ikke i omfang er overgået af andre folkemord i historien. Ifølge ham var den større end nazisternes Holocaust, større end tyrkernes massakre på armenierne, og mere omfattende end spaniernes og portugisernes nedslagtning af den oprindelige befolkning i Sydamerika.

Postet av: Shoaib

Fryktelig ensidig, og til tider feil, historiesyn på indisk pakistansk deling, men det kommer vel av antiislamisme mer enn noe annet.

13.10.2006 @ 23:52
Postet av: Fryktelig ensidig

Synes dct er interessant at Kubaisis skriverier får applaus fra denne siden når han angriper islam og muslimer, men når samme kritikk rettes mot noen andre er det ikke like forbilledlig lengere? Det er et ord som brukes om slike dobbeltstandarder! Hyklersk!Shoaib mener at det er hyklersk av document.nos lesere å støtte de deler av Kubaisis kritikk av islam og muslimer som vi anser som riktige, uten samtidig å være enig i hans kritikk av Anfindsen og andre lignende islamofobe og fascistiske Hitler-skikkelser. Altså, enten må vi være enige i alt Kubaisis ytrer, eller ingenting - i hvert fall hvis vi skal unngå å bli kalt hyklere.Latterlig.

Postet av: Shoaib

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